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How To Reduce Translation Costs Without Sacrificing Quality?

How to Reduce Translation Costs | How Can You Save Money With Translation?

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How To Reduce Translation Costs Without Sacrificing Quality? Nordic-Baltic Translation Company Baltic Media®

How Can You Save Money With Translation?

There are a number of ways to reduce translation costs, including:

    • Use a translation memory tool (TM): A TM is a software tool that stores previously translated text. When you translate a new document, the TM can be used to automatically translate segments of text that have already been translated in the past. This can save a significant amount of time and money, especially if you have a lot of repetitive content to translate.
    • Use AI assisted machine translation (MT): MT is a type of software that can translate text from one language to another automatically. MT has improved significantly in recent years, and it can be a good way to save money on translation costs for less critical documents. However, it is important to have machine translations proofread by a human translator to ensure that they are accurate.
    • Use a translation agency: A translation agency can help you to manage your translation projects and find the best translators for your needs. Translation agencies often have discounts for large projects, and they can also help you to save money on translation costs by using a TM or MT.
    • Prepare your source content: Before sending your content to a translator, make sure that it is well-written and free of errors. This will make it easier for the translator to understand and translate your content, and it will also help to reduce the overall cost of the translation.

Here are some additional tips for reducing translation costs:

  • Use a translation-friendly format: When creating your source content, use a translation-friendly format. This means using simple language, avoiding jargon, and avoiding complex formatting.
  • Create a translation style guide: If you have a specific style guide for your content, provide it to your translator. This will help to ensure that the translation is consistent with your brand voice and style.
  • Get feedback from your target audience: If possible, have your translation reviewed by members of your target audience. This can help to identify any errors or cultural faux pas before the translation is finalized.

By following these tips, you can reduce the cost of your translation projects without sacrificing quality.

All this is offered by the Baltic Media® translation agency, so that you have the opportunity to save on translation costs

For translation of your content we use CAT (computer-assisted-translation) tools to ensure that you get the best possible translation solution, which is cost-effective and of high quality.

To reduce translation costs for our clients, we use AI-assisted machine translation integrated into CAT tools, completed by a professional translator and proofreader.

Translation Costs

Our human translators use CAT-tools (computer-assisted translation tools) allowing to create a translation memory for future use, Text Editor software, style guides and glossaries that help us to maintain consistent terminology.

CAT tools allow us to analyse your texts to find the parts of a source text, that have been translated before. To lower the costs and speed up the translation process, we use Translation Memory (TM) that improves consistency of style and terminology. So, CAT technologies decrease turnaround time and time-to-market.

We save the memory of your translations to avoid duplicate work in the future. Translation memories (TMs) will enable you to save money across your documents and projects.

Your savings may be as high as 70%.

Please note that translation memory and CAT tools are not the same as machine translation with no human involvement (Google etc). Read more about our machine translation with post-editing: Machine Translation Post-editing

Learn More About Our Work Flow

We have the price calculation system based on the number of words in a source document. Such system enables us to fix the exact final price upon the receipt of the order.

You will find it economically more advantageous since we count only words (excluding punctuation marks) and get more precise final price.


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How to Reduce Translation Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

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Additional offer for regular customers  | Nordic-Baltic Translation Company Baltic Media®:

  • 10% discount if the number of words per month /per language exceeds 20,000.
  • Regular customers get 50% surcharge for express service delivered within 24 hours (others pay 100%).
  • You may choose to receive terminology database and translation memory files as a bonus.

We offer translation local check free of charge: Such cooperation includes the following activities:

  1. We translate by means of translation software Trados Studio and create translation memory files (TM).
  2. For checking purposes we send you or your agency abroad the translated files.
  3.  We get back files with corrections, amendments etc, in a form of track changes from you or your office abroad.
  4. Baltic Media makes changes in the files  and TM in order to ensure consistent terminology in the future.
  5. Finished files are delivered to the customer.
  6. For the next translation we use the TM from our database thus giving assurance of consistent customer-approved terminology and style.

Larger possibilities, larger guarantees 

  1. We have introduced and we work in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System thus we have improved the project coordination and supplier selection procedure. Baltic Media has its own translator testing system. Criteria: linguistic education, at least 5 years of experience in translation, references from other clients, test translation.
  2. Our translators do translations ONLY into their native language and reside in the country where this language is either the official language or the language prevalent in social situations.
  3. Each translation goes through three stagestranslation, editing and proof-reading.
  4. Supplier database contains names of more than 2500 translators, language and graphic design specialists.
  5. Translators work with translation program Trados Studio which ensure consistent terminology.
  6. Data safety, storage and confidentiality are our responsibilities. Server storage for finished translations. If you lose your translation, we will find it in our electronic archives.
  7. Educated, competent and service oriented project managers who constantly improve their qualifications in multilingual project management.
  8. Indemnity insurance against possible translation mistakes – insurance company will compensate the loss caused to the client. Such cases cannot be found during more than 25 years of the Baltic Media operation history. However, it serves as an additional guarantee for the client.
  9. We work globally and have more than 25 years of international  experience since we have our customers and translators in all continents.
  10. Additional services: layout design for translations, print original preparation. When handing in the copy for translation, you may choose to receive the layout ready to print. Layout design service (DTP – Desktop Publishing) is provided for additional pay, which will be cheaper than in advertising companies.

By choosing us you buy a better product, get higher quality assurance, save your time and let us coordinate things for you.

It will save your money!

Should you have any queries we will gladly respond to them.

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