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Life sciences cover some of the most challenging translation subjects out there. Scandinavian and Baltic Translation agency Baltic Media Ltd specializes in providing medical translation and localization services to the global market. Our linguists have extensive knowledge in Medical, Biotechnological, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Ag-Vet market segments.


Medical Text Translation Services

Medical Translation –  Medical Text Translation Services

Medical translation covers the translation of a wide array of medical-related texts, including clinical, technical, regulatory, and even marketing documentation in the medical field. Medical translation is a highly specialized field of translation due to its sensitivity and highly complex structure.

Accurate Medical Translation

Over past 22 years we have gathered experience in the field of life sciences and worked for such leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and medical device manufacturers worldwide as Pfizer, Recipharm, GE Healthcare, Sirowa, Braun, Novartis, Grindex and many others.
For life science and medical text translation only the most qualified translators and interpreters as well as field experts are assigned. They all have in-depth medical knowledge, experience in the medical field and/or have worked in hospital/healthcare sector since inaccuracy is critical in medical translations. Its consequences can range from infringing on strict international laws to potential health risks.
All our providers work for the ISO 9001:2015 certified company and to minimize any risks the translations are also insured.

Medical translation presents a number of unique challenges. For example, translation expertise alone is often not enough to deliver an accurate translation. Medical documents practically always make use of specialized terminology and newly developed concepts that may need to be redeveloped in the target language. Due to the broad spectre of medical translations, the translators specialized in medical topics cannot limit their knowledge to one topic, skills in sub-categories and related topics are needed as well. Then we come to another related point - readability. The text needs to be tailored to the audience, which requires an in-depth understanding of cultural specifics and language use.


We offer precise and cost-effective medical translation services to help you the often tight translation deadlines, and to avoid costly translation mistakes, as well as eliminate any misunderstandings of medical documents. All of our highly qualified translation professionals are vetted to ensure that their linguistic skills are accompanied by excellent medical knowledge.


A high-quality medical translation requires linguistic mastery that is combined with medical expertise in order ensure that medical details are translated and used appropriately and that highly complex medical ideas are transferred in a logical and clear manner.


Here is a short list of what our medical translation experts can provide:

  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Clinical Reports and Studies  
  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical, toxicological, pharmacological and biological information
  • Contracts
  • Hospital & Insurance Reports
  • Instructions for Use (IFU)
  • Manufacturing Process Descriptions
  • Medical Brochures
  • Medical Journals
  • Medical prescriptions
  • User guides for medical staff and patients
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Medical Terminology Glossaries
  • Medical texts
    psychology papers
  • Multimedia medical applications
  • NDA and IND
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)
  • Pharmaceutical Guidelines
  • Pharmacological Studies
  • Product Labels
  • Production Manuals
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Medical equipment: instruction manuals and software
  • Equipment, packaging labels, medical questionnaires and medical terminology glossaries


Most popular language combinations (of more than 120 available)

Our life sciences teams translate medical documents for companies in Europe, Asia and the Americas in more than 120 language combinations.

Here is a short list of our most popular translation languages:


Baltic Media also offers certified medical translations, medical interpreting services and medical transcription services.

Content and Document Types for Medical Translation

Our specialty domains within the medical field:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Genetics
  • Geriatrics
  • Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Microbiology
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pathology
  • Paediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Surgery


Within the European Union, translations carried out by a certified translator are accepted in all other member countries according to the EU Services Directive.

Should you have a medical material that needs to be localized in another language, please contact us by using a free quotation form below or via our e-mail - [email protected].

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