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Discover Latvian (A1/1) | Latvian Language Courses in Riga

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Discover Latvian ensures successive language learning from the beginner's A1 level to the top – expert C2 level.

48 academic hours

BALTIC MEDIA Language Training Centre teaching team has developed an effective approach for learning Latvian. The course Discover Latvian (A1/1) consists of 10 chapters. Each chapter has 3 key stages:


Series of episodes immerse you in everyday situations in Latvian. Each episode covers one specific topic: I am in Latvia; Latvians like dills; The charm of Riga; etc.

Discover Latvian language course

Listening and watching realistic situations in Latvian is an effective way to discover new vocabulary and frequently used phrases, and quickly learn to pronounce them correctly. The videos used in our course depict native speakers.


Activities and exercises help to:

  • Improve your reading and comprehension skills;
  • Develop your spelling and writing abilities;
  • Learn how to speak Latvian;
  • Reinforce Latvian grammar comprehension.

Ieraksti patīk/nepatīk vai garšo/negaršo! Choose the correct form of like.

  1. Man ____________ šokolāde.
  1. Annai ____________ piens.
  1. Vai tev ____________ lasīt grāmatas?
  1. Manai draudzenei ____________ kafija, bet ____________ lielas krūzes.
  1. Pēterim ____________ dziedāt dušā.
  1. Līgai ____________ Jānis.
  1. Jānim ____________ Līga.

Answer key and grammar charts are provided.


Each chapter offers a summary test that allows you to check your progress.

A Latvian language proficiency test, determining your level on the official European scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is also available at the end of the course, because measuring your progress motivates you.

Pastāsti, ar ko viņi brauc! Describe the transportation they are using (10 points).

Discover Latvian

Total: 100 points

These three key stages are the foundation of a unique approach for learning Latvian created by BALTIC MEDIA Language Training Centre professionals. We are sure it will help you to learn Latvian in an easy and productive way. Good luck.

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