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Translation and Localisation is not an Expense but an Investment in Your Future 

Baltic Media is a leading digital translation and localization company in Northern Europe specialising in all Nordic and Baltic languages and offers the best translation solutions for your business in this region.

We help international and global companies to reach European markets. Scandinavian and Baltic clients entrust us with the translation and localization of their content in the most popular languages of the world.


We provide high quality international written translation services from and into all official languages of the European Union. The strategic aim of our translation agency is to provide high quality language services, including translation and text localisation to companies and institutions from different countries so that they can successfully communicate in multilingual environment.

All our translations are done and edited by human beings - professional translators. The term human translation is used as opposed to machine translation. Human translation is executed by a human translator, whereas machine-translation is executed by a robot and edited by a post-editor. Human translation (HT) is the oldest form of translation, relying on pure human intelligence to convert one way of saying things to another. It remains the most widely-used translation method to this day. Human translation is your best investment when accuracy is even remotely important.

Translation agency Baltic Media offers professional translation services for:

 Our key areas of translation and localization include:

  • Legal translations (contracts, agreements and arrangements, Articles of Association, resolutions, minutes of meetings, registration certificates, laws, orders and regulations, applications, petitions, court judgements, powers of attorney, licenses and permits, etc.)
  • Technical translations (catalogues, engineering specifications, operating Manuals, patent documents, presentations, product specifications and manuals, technical proposals and specifications, training materials, user manuals, etc.)
  • Financial translations (audit and annual reports and statements, financial reports, accountancy balances, profit and loss statements, marketing researches and presentations, economic substantiations and business plans, insurance documents, agreements on funding of projects, etc.)
  • IT translations (Software and Hardware, CAD/CAM, cloud applications, CRM, eCommerce, ERP, network management systems, mobile applications, websites, video games, etc.)
  • Medical and Life Science translations (references, epicrises, excerpts from medical history, reports, conclusions of experts, results of analyses, documentation on clinical trials of pharmaceuticals, information for doctors and patients, leaflets, documentation for equipment and tools, etc.)
  • Advertising, PR, and marketing translations (advertising materials, brochures, catalogs, menus & product pists, e-mails, newsletters, packaging materials, print and online advertising, SEO, social media content, websites, etc.)
  • General translations (CVs, diplomas, statements, ID cards, passports, certificates, references, etc.)

Professional translation agency Baltic Media Ltd. also provides translations supplied by sworn translators and bearing the sworn notary’s certification.

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