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Baltic Languages: Latvian and Lithuanian | Translation Agency Baltic Media

The Baltic languages belong to the Balto-Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. Baltic languages are spoken by the Balts, mainly in areas extending east and southeast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe.

Baltic languages are divided into two groups: Western Baltic and Eastern Baltic (with two living languagesLithuanian and Latvian).

Archaeological data show that a large part of north-eastern Europe, approximately from Moscow to Berlin, was Baltic-speaking territory during the 1st millennia B.C. and A.D. Slavs entered this area later. This territory was covered by near-impenetrable forests and was far from the major migration and more important trade routes. These factors facilitated the preservation of an extremely archaic Baltic language family.

Baltic languages are among the oldest of the currently remaining Indo-European languages, despite their late authentication.

One reason for the late attestation is that the Baltic peoples resisted Christianization longer than any other Europeans, which delayed the introduction of writing and isolated their languages from outside influence.

Source: Wikipedia, University of Texas at Austin Lingustics Research Center.

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