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The language service company Baltic Media Ltd. is continuing its development with improvements in services and servicing. In 2013 we are introducing a modern and convenient Internet portal for our customers. In the portal each client who has placed an order with Baltic Media group companies will have the following online options:

  • following with the course of projects;
  • downloading translation and other project-related documents (history of projects is also available);
  • communication and finding out contact information for own project and communication with the project, sale or financial manager;
  • placing orders without any concern that the e-mail request will be sorted into spam;
  • obtaining information about invoice payments;
  • downloading invoices (history of invoices is also available);
  • receiving reports for the completed services;
  • changing the company information – contact persons, contact information, information about payments.
Development of the customer portal was amongst the most important objectives of 2013 for the translation company Baltic Media; the portal will ensure convenient access to the necessary information without assistance and with just few mouse clicks.
Ask your project manager about the access to the customer portal.
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