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Continued Expansion on Global Markets is Our Objective for 2015

2014 was a year of great challenges for Baltic Media. Prices all around the industry were dropping while requests for high volumes to be delivered within short deadlines were more frequent than ever. A decision was made to invest in technologies and to redesign our project management processes to ensure that by the end of 2014 we would become stronger than ever. This turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.

Aigars Apsāns
CEO of Baltic Media

Stronger Than Ever Thanks to Export Dominance

We are proud to announce that Baltic Media is now a truly international translation company as 89.34% of our turnover in 2014 was derived from exporting language services to 38 different countries. While the lion’s share of our business continued to come from our clients based in the United States and Scandinavia, Baltic Media began working for a few major players as well representing German manufacturing, automotive and patent industries.

“It is no easy task, as German clients have very meticulous requirements. However, we continue to learn, and now we see a constant increase with new inquiries coming from German speaking countries that will greatly contribute to furthering growth in our company”, says Aigars Apsāns, CEO of Baltic Media.

99.48% Client Satisfaction Score Rate

Baltic Media has always collaborated with certified and formally educated linguists, who are native speakers of the languages in which they work.  Our strict vendor selection criteria, which include test translation evaluation, along with our standard practice of editing and proofreading every document, gives us a high degree of confidence that the quality of the completed translation will meet and exceed our client’s expectations. In addition to that, 2014 saw the arrival of some new innovations, such as, the mandatory use of QA and terminology management tools and a specific industry-linked translator grading system ensuring that translators with better ratings are used more frequently than others. Those small, yet important initiatives have helped us to achieve an outstanding 99.48% client satisfaction rating (based on the results of an annual client satisfaction survey conducted in January 2015).

Human Translators are Our Cornerstones

In 2014, Baltic Media was approached by numerous potential clients with requests for the post-editing of machine translated text. By having a closer look into the quality of pre-processed documents, we discovered a great deal of variation between language pairs.

For example, the quality of English into Spanish translation was significantly better than the quality of exactly the same document translated into Swedish. Therefore, the use of machine translation can certainly help our clients to save on their budgets and dramatically increase the translation turnaround speed, but the quality of the final result may suffer. High quality, an outstanding client service and fast delivery provided by professional human translators have always been Baltic Media’s cornerstones and will remain so for the foreseeable future,  at least while the machine translation technology remains at its current phase of development.

Our objective for 2015 is to continue our expansion in global markets and to improve customer satisfaction even more. After all, our greatest reward is to have a happy client.

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