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Baltic Media in Figures: New Markets and New Challenges

Last year Baltic Media group of language service companies focused on acquisition of new markets and increase in product and service quality with complete introduction of new project management system. In the result the productivity has been growing enabling high quality of services and reduction of costs. This, in its turn, is an advantage for our clients.

357 language combinations

In 2012 the project managers of Baltic Media group completed projects with 357 different language combinations from the most popular languages of Northern European countries (Scandinavian, Baltic) to such rare languages as Macedonian, Persian, Farsi, Bengali, Malay, etc.
Last year's most common language combinations included the combinations of languages of Northern countries, Baltic States and Central European countries constituting approx. 40% of the total turnover. They included the following combinations:

  • English [EN] - Latvian [LV];
  • English [EN] - Estonian [ET];
  • English [EN] - Swedish [SE];
  • English [EN] - Lithuanian [LT];
  • English [EN] - Finnish [FI];
  • English [EN] - Norwegian [NO];
  • English [EN] - Russian [RU];
  • Latvian [LV] - English [EN];
  • English [EN] - Czech [CS];

485 new clients from 35 countries across the world

We have achieved a record of the recent years in terms of attracting new clients. By adding the 485 new clients to the existing ones, the total number of clients amounts to 1035.

Year 2012 brought us benefit from the marketing activities previously implemented in the USA and Southern European countries, where we have developed a successful collaboration with several large clients.

TOP 20 countries with clients of Baltic Media group of language services:

1.Latvia [LV];
2.Sweden [SE];
3.United States of America [US];
4.Italy [IT];
5.Estonia [EE];
6.Lithuania [LT];
7.Denmark [DK];
8.Finland [FI];
9.Ireland [IE];
10.Spain [ES];
11.Switzerland [CH];
12.Belgium [BE];
13.France [FR];
14.Poland [PL];
15.Luxembourg [LU];
16.United Kingdom [UK]
17.Germany [DE];
18.Norway [NO];
19.the Netherlands [NL];
20.Turkey [TR].

643 projects for each project manager per month

Personalized language solutions is the slogan of the language service company Baltic Media putting the main emphasis on personalized relations with each client. We are doing our best to be continuously available to our clients and therefore we are paying much attention to avoid a situation when the heavy work load pevents a project manager from providing quality and timely services to each client. The figure might seem large, however, we often hear about project managers having 100 and more projects a day. It is certainly a great rate from the company’s point of view, but clients may often suffer from such situation due to the delayed responses and the poor service quality.

1375 translators

Last year we updated the database of all our suppliers and integrated them into the project management system XTRF. In the beginning of 2013 we collaborated with 1375 qualified and approved suppliers from the entire world. After implementation of the new system keeping up with the qualification, specialization and availability of the suppliers has been improved. Now the procedure of selecting suppliers suitable to specific projects has become even more precise and faster.

Let us add that all interpreters and translators have concluded confidentiality agreement, which is of particular importance when working according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

42 questions a day by chatting online

To improve the communication with new and potential clients, we have introduced the online chat system on our websites www.balticmedia.com and www.valodukursi.lv at the end of 2012. Now the clients may receive the entire necessary information at once, quickly and free of charge, if such information can not be found on our websites.

New markets also in 2013

In 2012 we have successfully entered the markets of the USA, Italy and Spain, but entering Asia and South America is this year’s objective. Asian and South American countries hide an undervalued potential. We have come to such conclusion after collaborating with clients from Japan, Hong Kong, India and Brazil.

Improvement of qualification of suppliers

Our most important activities completed in 2012 included establishment of the suppliers’ quality assessment system; since last year no suppliers receiving low rating in any quality test procedure will be engaged in further projects. We will continue prioritizing suppliers with the highest work rating.

In addition, in 2013 we will do our best to improve the qualification of our suppliers and to attract new and experienced suppliers with strong sense of responsibility and ability to respond to requests quickly.

Responding in 15 minutes

Prompt responding to the requests of clients has been among the main characteristics of our company for many years. We have often been commended by our clients in this regard. Still, we have decided to improve this rate in 2013 and to respond to requests or inquiries of clients in 15 minutes, instead of 30 minutes. We are sparing the time of our clients and offering only the important information.

Website for clients

In the nearest future we will offer a special website for our clients where every client will be able to review their history of orders and invoices, download translations, and contact and order a new project online.

Even though e-mails constitute 90% of our communication with clients, we are making a huge step forward to improve our relations with clients. Now, by ordering a new project the client will be sure that it will be received and processed timely due to the automated registration of every request in our system.
Our objective for this year is to continue to improve ourselves as a provider of excellent quality services with ensuring assistance to our clients in communication within the multilingual global environment.