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For 10 years Baltic Media has been Taking Advantage of Opportunities in Latvia

the World Trade Centre in Riga

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) has recently launched a promotional video (A Journey through Latvia) featuring the opportunities available in Latvia for the development of an international business. The video attracts investors telling about the experience of James, the enthusiastic investor. The video stresses that Latvia has one of the world’s fastest broadband internet connections, a qualified workforce with multiple language skills, three excellent ports and direct flights to 65 cities in the world, and that it is located in a geographic hotspot linking Scandinavia, Central Europe and CIS.

Along with other Nordic enterprises and global enterprises from other regions in the world, since the beginning of century an international group of enterprises offering language services Baltic Media is also taking advantage of these and many more opportunities having its main office in the capital of the Baltic country Latvia — Riga.
LIAA and the director of the Film Studio Tanke Jānis Nords have done a great job. Recently this has definitely been the best way of promoting Latvia and attracting interest of other countries in the business opportunities in Latvia.

Baltic Media group is a global provider of translation and localization services established in Scandinavia and the Baltics and working since 1994.

Picture above: The main and international office of Baltic Media is located in the World Trade Centre in Riga.