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Notary Authorized And Certified Translation By Sworn TranslatorCertified & Notarized Translation Services by Sworn Translator | ISO Certified Nordic-Baltic Translation Agency Baltic Media 

The translation agency Baltic Media Ltd also provides official translation se supplied by sworn translators and bearing the sworn notary’s certification.

Certified/authorised translation: when providing notary certification, the translation is sewn and sealed together with the original document or notary certified copy of the original document. In order to certify the copy – the original document must also be submitted to the notary.

We provide certified translation from and into the following languages: Swedish Finnish Norwegian Danish Icelandic Latvian Lithuanian Estonian Russian French German Spanish Polish Czech Slovenian Hungarian Slovak Bulgarian Chinese Hebrew Romanian English Dutch Italian Turkish Ukrainian Georgian Japanese Serbian Bengali Basque Armenian Azerbaijani Bosnian Greek Persian Uzbek Kazakh Croatian Arabic Albanian Portuguese

No need to get to the office

You don't have to come to our office to send in copies of the scanned document to us and get a translation. We do all the work digitally and we send you a certified translation on paper with the regular mail to the address you specify once you have accepted the digital version of the translation. We work globally.

International translation company Baltic Media Ltd has been founded in Sweden in 1991 and the Company operates in the Nordic - Baltic market since 1994 being one of the leading suppliers in the segment of quality language services. Offices of the translation agency are located in Stockholm, Sweden and in Riga,  Latvia.

Within the European Union however, translations carried out by a certified translator are accepted in all other member countries according to the EU Services Directive.

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To learn more about our document translation services, or to request a free quote or an offer, please call our international office at +371 67 224 327 or contact our Project Managers via e-mail at i[email protected]. Our contacts in Sweden +46 8 767 60 24 or [email protected] 

If the translation does not need notary certification or it for some reason cannot have notary certification, we can also provide a sworn translator’s certification.

Certified – This implies that a professional translator does the translation. At the bottom the translator signs a short statement saying "I am competent to translate from Russian to Swedish and the foregoing is the complete and accurate translation of the original". 
Notarized – This is essentially the same as a certified translation, with one additional step. The translator signs the certification statement in front of a notary. Note that the notary's stamp and signature here are notarizing the certification, not the translation itself, because obviously the notary probably doesn't speak those languages.
Translation agency Baltic Media Ltd. provides all  levels of certified translations for all languages and all types of documents.
Please check with whoever you are submitting the certified translations to the level of certification required. If the answer is not clear, we try and help advise on the correct level of certification.
  • Notarized translation to the original document: the original document is bound together with a translation certified by its translator; a notary certifies the translator’s signature.
  • Notarized translation to an uncertified copy of the document: a copy is made from the original document and is bound together with a translation certified by its translator; a notary certifies the translator’s signature.


  • Notarized translation to a certified copy of the document: a copy is made from the original document and is bound together with a translation certified by its translator; a notary certifies the translator’s signature. The compliance of the copy (true copy) of the document is certified by a notary only, if the original document is presented; the price for copy certification depends on the number of pages in the original document.


  • Office certification / Sworn certification: the original of the document or its copy is bound together with a translation certified by the head and/or certified translator of Baltic Media Ltd.


In some cases, before the translation and notary certification is done it is necessary to have the document legalised, i.e. – have its authenticity certified with an Apostille. 

Please note that our translation agency does not provide certification of your original documents or translations with an Apostille.
Document legalisation must be carried out by the client personally.


Client Service | Translation Agency  Baltic Media

We know how important time is to our customers. For this reason, Baltic Media responds to requests or inquiries of its clients within 15 minutes. We are sparing the time of our clients and offering only the important information.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard Translation | Translation Agency  Baltic Media

The price of the translation service includes the translation performed by an experienced and qualified translator as well as the quality control in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 – editing, proofreading as well as delivery to the Client within the fixed deadline and in the appropriate format, thus the Client’s order has been handled by several employees – a project manager, a translator, an editor, and, if necessary, a terminologist and/or a specialist of the field.

Confidentiality and Security of Your Documents | Translation Agency  Baltic Media

We cooperate with suppliers who have signed confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements, which means that all your information is safe with us.

Insurance | Translation Agency  Baltic Media

All of our language services are insured. We provide liability insurance to pay for damage to personal property of a third party and health.

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