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Translation into 19 languages for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 song My Religion is Freedom

Language services provider Baltic Media Ltd. translated and recorded the pronunciation sound files into 19 European languages for the song by a Latvian composer Zigmars Liepins My Religion is Freedom, which is the author’s first song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.
Phrase My religion is freedom for the chorus of the song was translated and recorded in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish, Norwegian, Basque, Irish (Celtic), Greek, Czech, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, and Turkish.
My Religion is Freedomis performed by Dons (Artūrs Singerejs), co-author of the music is Z. Liepiņs’s son Janis Liepins, however the lyrics have been composed by Nikita Kellermans and well as author himself.
Baltic Media LtdMarketing Director Kaspars Zvergis admitted that recording a song in a number of languages is a very brave step, however it is not impossible from the aspect of pronunciation. “We were very glad to help out with both the translation and pronunciation!”
Project Manager Aldis Saulgozis and all 19 translators from different countries who participated in the creation of the song, will surely keep their fingers crossed for the Zigmars Liepins’s song performed by Dons, hoping that this year exactly this song will represent Latvia in the Norwegian capital city Oslo.
Zigmars Liepins confessed to Baltic Media that he would have used all the European languages. „Unfortunately this was not possible because of the  footage of the song. Therefore, logically, we choose Latvian, Russian and languages of our neighbouring countries, freely choosing the others.”
Zigmars Liepins: „My religion is FREEDOM! This is my credo and I hope that it is such for many others. But if someone wishes to interpret this phrase in a way that their RELIGION is freedom (as to say, that a person is free in their religious belief), I don’t mind.”
Z. Liepins was approached with the request to compose a song especially for the Eurovision and after longer considerations, he agreed. “I decided that there is nowhere lower to fall than the place where the majority of Latvian artists stood in this competition,” the composer laughed at in a phone interview, reminding us that last-years song by Andrew Lloyd Weber which represented the Great Britain, was not highly appreciated by the viewers of this competition.
„Yes, this is the first time, and probably the last” Z. Liepins confirmed the submission of the song for the Eurovision to the news portal „We all have our departures from the norm in the life” the composer joked, however, commented his decision more seriously: “I believe that Dons is one of the best singers in Latvia and why wouldn’t he present himself in this competition. In the times when the majority of male singers have distinctly feminine quality of the voice, I highly value singers with more manly voice quality, singing manner and attitude.
“It is a game, there is little connection with music. And it sometimes does get exciting,” admits Liepins.
Music for the song is composed by Zigmars Liepins and Janis Liepins, lyrics by Nikita Kellermans and Zigmars Liepins.
Dons and Zigmars Liepins have previously cooperated in the musical dramas “Adata” (Needle), “Kapteina stasti” (Captain’s Stories) and “Vadonis” (Leader) 
Listen the song My relision is freedeom composed by Zigmars Liepins for the Eurovision song contest 
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