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The first computer at Baltic Media – Apple Macintosh SE


The computer that started a new era in the communication technologies, invented by recently deceased Steve Jobs and produced by company Apple he founded, was also the first working tool at Baltic Media when the company was established in Stockholm in the beginning of 1990s.
The computer is still kept in the storage of Baltic Media and we consider it more valuable than all the later-acquired PCs and Macs we have used or still use today.
 Pirmais Macintosh - Baltic Media Ltd
The first computer at Baltic MediaMacintosh SE
Today we lifted it from the dust and photographed.
Here it is. Machintosh SE with the built-in hard disk. Produced in 1989. It is also an outstanding example of design which would still decorate any interior nowadays.
The computer is still in working condition and will always remind us of a brave modern mad who did not look at others, but went his own way with a slogan Think Different, and in 1984 began a new era in the world of computer technologies and created also our first computer.
These Macintosh computers showed that “a mouse” has other sense than that we had known before, that we can see the files on the screen in the form or movable icons, etc.
Only in the mid 1990s with Bill Gates’ Windows 95 also the non-Macintosh, that is, the PC world, by copying Steve’s inventions, learned about these technological novelties which had been used by the Macintosh and Apple generation since the end of 1980s.
The Macintosh computer thought us to think differently, not like the others. Such was also its creator.
In comparison with the widespread PC computers Macintosh were a shocking revolution, especially in the field of journalism and media.
Macintosh computers were referred to as the Mercedes of the computer world. 
None of the modern iPhones, iPads and the like are equal to our first Mac, the value of which, at least in our eyes, is growing day by day.

This was a computer thanks to which the concepts AppleMacintosh, Steve Jobs became symbols of adoration, worship, and fashion in the technology world. But most importantly – it encouraged us to think differently. For that we thank Steve!



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