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New language course ad

Translations and language courses provider Baltic Media Ltd has produced and released a new language course advert.
The main character is a parrot who speaks its own language that his owners do not understand or appreciate. To solve this communication problem the owners choose an unusual path: instead of trying to teach the parrot to talk their language they decide themselves to attend the language courses at Baltic Media and learn the parrot's language.
The creator of this ad is Dagny Veinberg, a producer and director who lives and works in Sweden. Dagny has worked for the Swedish national television with youth programs. She has studied computer science and TV production both in Sweden and England. At the moment she is taking a course in Digital animation at the Swedish Film Institute. This is her first job in advert directing.
Baltic Media crew involved in advert production:
  • Dagny Veinberg — Writer, Director, Editor
  • Ingus Graudiņš — Director of photography
  • Ilmārs Piliņš — Sound mixer
  • Andris Pukāns — Lighting director
  • Ēriks Kraiņevs — Camera assistant
  • Solveiga Ūdriņa — Make-up artist
  • Marta Romanova, Mārtiņš Bambals — Production Assistants
  • Aigars Apsāns — Location Manager
  • Guntar Veinberg — Producer
  • Harry the Parrot — Parrot
  • Ieva Kiršteina — Female lead
  • Mihails Basmanovs — Male lead
  • Dainis Bērziņš — Language teacher
Equipment form Guntis Dzelmanis, Latvian TV
All rights reserved to Baltic Media Ltd
Keywords: funny ads, tv advert parrot, language courses, talking parrot, people making animal sounds, funny animals





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