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Baltic Media translates for Yamaha booklets into Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian

Yamaha Motor Scandinavia AB– the sales & marketing centre of Yamaha motorboats, motorcycles, sport and utility ATVs and snowmobiles (scooters) in Scandinavia and the Baltic states, located in Stockholm, has chosen Baltic Media Riga Office for translation, desktop design and printing of service and warranty booklets.
"We were extremely satisfied by the so-called one-stop service offered by Baltic Media which comprises not only the quality translation process into Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian but also the booklet graphic design and distribution to our dealers in the Baltic States," says Frederik Häggström, Yamaha Motor Scandinavia Manager.
"It's becoming a common practice for our regular customers to entrust us with the whole localization process for printing jobs in Baltic and Scandinavian languages, which saves them time and money. Whereas, considerable competence and experience in media translation and localization helps our company to ensure quick and quality process," points out Inga Bumbale, the PM, and adds that translation process included also terminology and design co-ordination in each specific market. 
Yamaha Motor Scandinavia ABis located in Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway) and Odense (Denmark). The company is in charge of sales & marketing in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

This region is the largest in water and snow scooter sales area in the European market and also has a significant motorcycle and utility ATV market. 

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