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Baltic Media Presents Individual Intensive Business English Tuition to the Minister of Economics Artis Kampars

Language service provider Baltic Media presents individual intensive business English tuition to the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia Artis Kampars, as well as undertakes to provide interpreting services free of charge during two important international meetings this year.
Baltic Media undertakes to provide English language tuition individually or in small groups for the state senior officials with the discount in the amount of 50% during the next three months.
  • We as patriots of Latvia often feel embarrassed to see our officials damaging the reputation of our country by demonstrating their poor knowledge of foreign language as well as showing disrespect to their mother tongue and not using the services of professional interpreters, says the Managing Director of Baltic Media Ltd Aigars Apsāns, and as one of the most striking examples he mentions Mr Kampars' performance in Stockholm.
  • We as the representatives of the language industry operate in this market for already 16 years and we can boldly aver that a person can have a perfect command of only his or her mother tongue and should not be ashamed of using it during public performances, since the command of other languages is poorer. However, it is never too late to improve the level of knowledge, empathises the Managing Director of Baltic Media. Moreover, we are very experienced in teaching languages to the managers of the leading international companies and even a few ministers, which we provide both in our modern study rooms in the World Trade Centre and at the clients’ premises.
Baltic Media Ltd is one of the leading language service providers in Latvia working in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets for already 16 years and is certified under the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Baltic Media is also the official language service provider for the institutions of the European Union.
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Kaspars Zverģis, mob. phone: +371 67 22 43 27, [email protected]
Aigars Apsāns, mob. phone: +371 67 22 43 94, [email protected]

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