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Baltic Media Ltd participates in the Networking days in Amsterdam organized by the European Language Industry Association (ELIA).

This year, professionals from the world’s leading translation and language training companies met in the capital of the Netherlands — Amsterdam. Baltic Media Ltd was represented by its Managing Director Aigars Apsāns, who is an annual participant of the conference, and the Marketing Director Kaspars Zverģis, who had his first experience of such cooperation with the other translation agencies.
The most valuable experience one can obtain from the Networking days is the cooperation and communication between the leading representatives of the business. During the three-day conference, participants not only acquired new competences provided by the conference speakers, but also obtain a new notion on the future of the translation business and its prospective.
Kaspars Zverģis, the Marketing Director of Baltic Media, admitted: “Even though we as representatives of different translation agencies are in competition with each other, we can achieve much more by cooperation. The aim of such conferences is to improve the customer service, translation quality, get acquainted with the latest software and learn a lot of different ideas that will be helpful to our clients.”
Baltic Mediaexpresses its gratitude to the organizers and participants of the Networking Days, especially, Renato Beninatto, Michele Hecken, Bogi Emilsson and Frank ter Reehorst.

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