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Cheap Translation Services in the Nordics

All customers want cheap translation to save on translation costs. We at Baltic Media® can offer cheap translation services without compromising on quality.

What we offer is cheap translation services in Northern Europe and ISO certified service quality. You will not overpay.

Baltic Media® is a translation agency for both individuals and companies. Translation agency Baltic Media Translations AB was established in Sweden in 1991 and is one of the leading suppliers in the segment for high-quality language services in Northern Europe.

Translation agency has offices in Stockholm (Sweden) and in Riga (Latvia). Our customers include both companies and individuals.

Depending on the language and subject area, a translation with us costs between SEK 0.50 - 1.50 per word (0,05- 0,15 EUR).

How do we achieve high translation quality at a low cost?

Cheap global translation services

We offer professional translations, including language review and proofreading, 20–25% cheaper than other translation agencies with offices in the Nordic region. This is possible because we are a web-based company with production offices in Riga, Latvia and thus can offer lower prices for your translations than other Nordic translation agencies.

In addition, we can further reduce your translation costs with the help of our CAT tools.

Here you can read more about how you can reduce translation costs without sacrificing quality.

Translation agency Baltic Media Translations AB offers translation from and into all official languages ​​of the European Union and other world languages.

The business is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

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Our human translators use CAT-tools (computer-assisted translation tools) allowing to create a translation memory for future use, Text Editor software, style guides and glossaries that help us to maintain consistent terminology.

CAT tools allow us to analyse your texts to find the parts of a source text, that have been translated before. To lower the costs and speed up the translation process, we use Translation Memory (TM) that improves consistency of style and terminology. So, CAT technologies decrease turnaround time and time-to-market.

We save the memory of your translations to avoid duplicate work in the future. Translation memories (TMs) will enable you to save money across your documents and projects.

Your savings may be as high as 70%.

Please note that translation memory and CAT tools are not the same as machine translation with no human involvement (Google etc). Read more about our machine translation with post-editing: Machine Translation Post-editing

Read More About Our Prices: Translation | Price per word | Cheaper than other Nordic translation agencies

Learn More About Our Work Flow

We have the price calculation system based on the number of words in a source document. Such system enables us to fix the exact final price upon the receipt of the order.

You will find it economically more advantageous since we count only words (excluding punctuation marks) and get more precise final price.

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