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Need an authorised translator in Sweden? We have the resources!

Sometimes you need a little more than a regular translation. This usually happens when you need to translate diplomas and other important documents. These translations need to be certified, which means that the original is compared to the copy and a certified translator certifies that the translation matches the original. Sound complicated? At Baltic Media we can help you!


At Baltic Media we have experienced authorised translators

You may have just found your dream job abroad and are struggling with your application form. Most of it is filled in, but then you get to the “Education” section and read that your old school certificates need to be translated. Not only that, but the prospective employer also requires the grades you submit to be translated by an authorised translator. What is an authorised translator? And where can you find one before the deadline?


There are not too many authorised translators, and they are not represented in all languages. Which language is it for you? At Baltic Media we help you with authorised translations between English and Swedish into and from German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, Arabic, Persian, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, and other languages.


Need an authorised translator? We have the resources


“Authorised, certified and notarized translation” – what does it really mean?

There can be many different stages in life when you need to hire a certified translator. When an authority requires you to present a certified document, you must be able to prove that it is not falsified or incorrect in any way. This can be anything from diplomas, marriage certificates, driving licences, insurance certificates, adoption documents, death certificates, marriage certificates and other documents. If the document was translated from one language to another, it is of course required that the translation was issued correctly.

The definition of authorised, certified, and notarized translation varies from country to country and the certification process is not standardised globally. To be called an authorised translator, one has usually been approved by the competent authority in the field in each country. An authorised or certified translation has a stamp indicating the translator’s number, language of authorisation and language direction. It also bears the translator’s signature.

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Did you know that a translation made by a Swedish authorised translator is not valid outside Sweden? We strongly recommend that you check with the legal authorities in the country in question before ordering any kind of sworn, certified or authorised translation, so that you know what applies in your case.

It is important to note that there is no legal requirement in Sweden that a translation must be authorised to be valid. However, it is often a requirement imposed by authorities or other organisations.

Please note that the number of authorised translators is very limited, so they are not available in all languages. Therefore, we recommend using the cheaper and safer option of a certified translation.


You can rely on our quality

All translators working with us are educated at college or university level and we require at least 5 years of experience as a translator. These requirements apply whether they are in-house or freelance. They also must pass a translation test and we check their references before they start work.

It’s important that the language is fluent and reflects the language spoken in the country, including, of course, legal documents. Therefore, all our translators must be native speakers of the target language and live in the country where the language is official. When your ears are constantly ‘bathed in the language’, the language naturally adapts to the country’s culture and vocabulary. It may seem like a small thing, but sometimes the little nuances are important. And the right choice of words is of course very important in a legal document.

With us, all translations and edits are done by people – not machines. Compare this to a machine translation, which is instead done by a translation machine and then edited by a proofreader.


We provide fast answers and have 20-30% lower prices

So, how much do you need to pay to have your old transcripts translated?

The price for a translation with us varies and depends on how difficult the text is, how quickly you need it delivered and of course how many pages the document has. But the good news is that we can give you 20-30% lower prices for our professional translations compared to our competitors. This includes editing and proofreading – at the same quality. The reason why we can keep these low prices is that we are based online and have our headquarters in Riga, Latvia, while other translation agencies listed on the global stock exchange usually have their offices in other countries.

Get in touch with us and you’ll get a quick response – within 15 minutesPrice quote in SEK. 

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Between which languages can I get an authorised translation?

At Baltic Media we help you with authorised translations between English and Swedish to and from German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, Arabic, Persian, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, and other languages.

Where can I find a sworn translator?

Our authorised translators at Baltic Media can help you translate your diploma and other documents.

How much does an authorised translation cost?

At Baltic Media we have 20-30% lower prices than our competitors for authorised translations.

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