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Connecting with Audiences on Social Media with Baltic Media’s Translation Services

In the globalised world of today, it is difficult to break through the noise. One way to connect with audiences is to speak to them in their own language. In this article, we will walk you through how to best communicate with global audiences so that you can get your message out there. 

How Does Translation Help You?

There are a lot of actors on social media that attempt to capture our attention. Almost everyone, in fact. It is no surprise, then, that it has become increasingly difficult to get your message across. This applies in particular to marketing. The crowded online social media landscape means that you need a competitive edge.

One way to get that edge is to go beyond English and use translation services. Translations to other languages allow your message to be contextually relevant, form a deeper connection with the reader, and build global audiences. After all, we think and feel in our mother tongue, not (for the most part) in English.

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What are the necessary components of a successful translation? First and foremost, you should not rely on a direct translation. The very reason that translation services help you break through the noise on social media is that they are able to take context into account. An emotional message that worked in the UK, for example, would probably not have the same resonance in Estonia or Sweden. The heartstrings that the message needs to pull on are not the same across the globe. People are formed by their cultures, and cultures differ.

That is where a professional translation service comes into play. Professional translators know the local context and how the cultural cues differ. A professional translator serves not only as a translator of words, but a translator of culture as well.

Creating a broad message that works for global audiences therefore requires professional translation service. Otherwise, your message is just one “international” message in a sea of others.

Where Does Baltic Media Come in? 

Well, if you are looking for a professional translation service that is able to not only translate words, but culture, you have come to the right place. We are a translation service with 30 years of experience, with a focus on the Nordic and Baltic markets. Our translators are all native speakers of the target language. We also require that they live in the country whose language they are translating to, so that they keep up to date with developments in linguistics and culture. If you are interested in building a global audience on social media, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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