You are currently viewing Diploma and Degree Certificate Translation Services in Riga for Foreign Students

Diploma and Degree Certificate Translation Services in Riga for Foreign Students

Translation of Diplomas, Certificates, and Other Academic Documents Online

There are many foreign students studying in Latvia who, when they finish their studies, want their education documents translated into the language of their home country.

If you need high-quality translations of your educational documents, Baltic Media, the Nordic and Baltic ISO-certified translation agency in Riga city centre, is the best choice for a professional and insured language service at a low price.

With a user-friendly and efficient process, these services ensure that foreign students can easily obtain certified translations of their educational credentials, helping them navigate the complexities of international recognition and further their academic or professional pursuits.

Translation of Educational Documents Price

The price of translation of educational documents may vary depending on:

Language pair: Prices are usually higher for less common language combinations.

Type of document: Translation of diplomas is usually more expensive than, for example, translation of school transcripts.

Text size: The larger the text size, the higher the cost.

Type of translation: A translation certified by a notary, sworn translator or translation bureau will cost more than a simple translation without certification.

In general, you can expect to pay between €20 and €30 for a one-page translation of an educational document. A translation certified by a translation bureau or notary will cost considerably more, between €30 and €50 per page.

Send us a scanned copy of your diploma and we will let you know the price and delivery time within 15 minutesPrice request. Call ++37126404054 WhatsApp

You don’t even have to leave home to order and receive your translation. No matter where you are! We work globally.

You don’t have to come to our office in the centre of Riga to provide us with scanned copies of your diploma and receive your translation. We do all the work digitally and will send you the finished approved paper translation by ordinary post to the address you have provided, once you have accepted the digital version of the translation, which we will send to your email address.

Translation of diplomas | Read more about how translation of diplomas is notarised here.

Our clients include graduates of the most prestigious schools and universities in Latvia and abroad.

We have the experience and expertise to notarial translate all types of educational documents. The most frequently notarised translations in this field are:

Notarised translations of university, college, bachelor, master, PhD certificates and other higher education documents.

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Certified Translation Services for Your Academic Certificate Translation Online | Contact Baltic Media® Today

To learn more about our document translation services, or to request a free quote or an offer, please call our international office in Riga at +371 67 224 327 or +37126404054 WhatsApp or contact our Project Managers via e-mail at [email protected].

Diploma and degree certificate translation services in Riga for foreign students

Keep in mind we only translate academic documents; we don’t evaluate credentials. An accredited specialist should complete a credential evaluation after your translation is complete.

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Where in Riga can I get my university diploma translated into German, English, Swedish or another language?

Baltic Media, a translation agency specialising in translating educational documents, can do it. You can do it both on site at the office and online.

How soon can I get a translation of my university diploma?

If you request a time in advance for the translation office to receive your diploma, we will be able to book a translator to translate and notarize the translation for you within 24 hours.

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