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Best practices for documentation translation with Baltic Media’s expertise

Getting documents translated can be a nuisance, especially if you don’t get the accurate results you hoped for. So, to sustain your business in this growing digital era, staying updated with every little feature you can add for business growth online is crucial.

Let’s discuss best practices that can improve documentation translation.


5 tips for improving technical documentation translation

At Baltic Media, our team of experts helps to structure your documentation properly and make the whole process easier for your business’s technical documentation translation.

So, let’s look at some tips that’ll help make the process as smooth as possible:


1. Ensure tonality

Your documentation translation should catch your audience’s attention and sound as good as the original. Having a well-formatted document is also important to improve customer retention and help your business grow.

That’s precisely what we offer at Baltic Media.

With prices around 20-30% lower than our competitors, our team of experts makes sure to translate any legal, medical, or other documentation into a comprehensive EU language for your audience.


2. Use an adaptable document design

While translating text from one language to the other, it is normal to experience a reduction or increase in the text. But how does our team re-design your document translation and keep it accurate?

We use an adaptable user design for each language. A clean, uncomplicated layout helps to elaborate the important text and make it as precise as possible.


3. Use active voice

Active voice helps to have a direct conversation so the end user can keep up with the translation. Our team makes the transitions as personal and concise as possible.

Different languages in the EU have different tenses, so integrating them seamlessly into your technical documentation translation is important. At Baltic Media, our team captures the essence of your content while making it easier to understand.


4. Keep it professional

Technical documentation translation is different from other prices of content. It’s meant to be jargon-free, abbreviations-free, and straight to the point. So, it’s important to keep the content conversational and precise.

Using the right words also makes a huge difference and impacts how your clients perceive your offer.


5. Don’t rely on AI-Generated translation services

Best Practices for Documentation Translation with Baltic Media's Expertise


AI-generated translations don’t provide the same value as your technical documentation translation. You can become more prone to confusing your reader and damaging your brand’s reputation.

So, using tools like Google Translate won’t help you get your desired results.

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