ISO Certified Language Service Provider with 25 Years of Experience

Translation Services | Nordic - Baltic translation agency Baltic Media

ISO certified Nordic - Baltic translation agency Baltic Media Ltd provides translations from and into all official languages of the European Union.



 We specialize in translation and localization of the following groups of products:

  • Document translation (instructions, user manuals, marketing materials, legal documents)
  • Website translation (we localize the content of your web-page in order for it to be comprehensible in the local markets in different languages)
  • Software translation (translation of the users’ interface and support documentation and testing)
  • Terminology translation and managing of multilingual data content
  • Translation of audiovisual products (movie, data game text translation, subtitling, recording)
  • Human-aided machine translation with editing and quality control (for large amount translation orders we offer to apply machine translation with the following text editing and quality control procedures)


Areas of Specialization:

  • Legal and financial texts
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Automotive industry and mechanical engineering
  • Medicine and pharmacology
  • Tourism and travel
  • Mass media, advertising, communications and PR
  • Fashion and design
  • Gastronomy
  • Construction and real estate
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • Transportation
  • Farming
  • ...and many more.
Interpreting and oral translation, chuchotage service | Baltic Media
Translation agency Baltic Media Ltd provides both - consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for conferences, congresses, seminars and other forums.
Baltic Media Ltd employs educated and experienced interpreters specialising in a wide range of subjects.

Notary authorized translations and certified translations by sworn translator

Translation agency Baltic Media Ltd also provides translations supplied by sworn translators and bearing the sworn notary’s certification.
Certified translation: when providing notary certification, the translation is sewn and sealed together with the original document or notary certified copy of the original document. In order to certify the copy – the original document must also be submitted to the notary.
If the translation does not need notary certification or it for some reason cannot have notary certification, we can also provide a sworn translator’s certification.
In some cases, before the translation and notary certification is done it is necessary to have the document legalised, i.e. – have its authenticity certified.
Within the European Union however, translations carried out by a certified translator are accepted in all other member countries according to the EU Services Directive.
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